ISD Wellness Tips

Here are some tips for maintaining healthy habits over the break. 

  • Incorporate all food groups: whether you host/attend a holiday gathering or cook for yourself, try to incorporate multiple food groups. (Learn More about Food Groups)
  • Choose low calorie drink and/or dessert options: toast with water with lemon, or have fruit for dessert
  • Adjust your holiday recipes to substitute healthier ingredients and/or reduce the amount (See Some Creative Recipe Ideas
  • Incorporate exercise into your activities: for example, have a fun walk with friends and family as part of your celebration
  • Fill up your plate meats and/or veggies to satisfy hunger, so you aren’t tempted to load up on unhealthy treats

Additional Resources

UHS Tips
University Health Services has some helpful eating tips: 

  • Mindful eating: Instead of focusing on what we should eat, we overlook paying attention to how we are eating. Over the holidays, it is a good idea to slow down and pay attention to our food and really allow ourselves to enjoy it – in moderation.
  • Sound Bites: With more time off, there is more opportunity to eat and snack over the holidays. Learn how to eat well, so you can be at your best. 
  • Make preparing healthy food over the holidays the easy way: 
    • ChooseMyPlate – Portion control, macro- and micro-nutrient analysis and budget-friendly recipes.
    • BudgetByte$ – Quick and easy recipes, time-saving meal prep. – Student-friendly recipes in 5-10 minutes, microwave prep.