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Dash of Success


ISD Automotive Engineering MEng student Roshan Kumar Dash enjoys applying the theoretical knowledge he’s learned at ISD to real-world scenarios. His internship allows him to bridge the gap between academic concepts and practical implementation, enhancing his understanding and problem-solving abilities. 

Redefining Meeting Outcomes


Potentially Revolutionary ISD Capstone Project Creates Objectives and Assessments to Quantify If Your Meetings Succeed or Fail On average, you may spend nearly 23 hours a week in meetings, according to the Harvard Business Review (“Stop the Meeting Madness”).  How will you know if your meetings succeed or fail? With so much at stake, the … Read more

Reimagining Engineering


Lauren Wojciechowski, an ISD Design Science doctoral candidate, is on a mission to reimagine and reshape what engineering can be to help people.

Garnishing a Brand 

ISD Design Science Student Holden Pizzolato

ISD Design Science Student Holden Pizzolato Integrates Community-Based Design and Brand Building for Zingerman’s Roadhouse.

Safety for All

If ISD Doctoral Candidate Bhavana Komaraju Has Her Way, Drivers of All Shapes and Sizes Will Ride in Safer Vehicles.

Better Design

ISD Design Science PhD Candidate Koray Benli ’23 Harnesses the Integrative Power of U-M’s World-Class Faculty and Facilities to Design Structurally Adaptable Multi-Mode Consumer Products.

Letter From the Chair


As Dr. Diann Brei, ISD Chair and Professor, approaches the end of her term, she reflects on our transformational accomplishments and thanks those who have collaborated and contributed along the way.