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Integrative Systems + Design (ISD) is a top ranked division within the College of Engineering at the University of Michigan that offers six pre-eminent interdisciplinary programs. Students learn online or on-campus from world-renowned faculty and industry experts among a mixed cohort of working professionals and full-time graduate students which allows for a richer learning experience.

Ranked the #7 Best Online Master’s in Engineering Programs by U.S. News and World Report, ISD has been providing quality online instruction for more than 25 years.

Applications are now open and we encourage you to apply soon! We admit students throughout the year, for the full list of application deadlines click here. The GRE is encouraged but not required

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Michigan Engineering is home to top-ranked departments that collaborate within the nation’s number one public research institution—the University of Michigan. We strive to anticipate the global, technological and educational changes ahead, and position our institution to lead the evolution of 21st-century engineering research and education for the benefit of the common good.



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Integrative Mindset

We approach all of our programs with an integrative mindset, combining systems and design thinking. This holistic approach is the Michigan difference that makes students standout as leaders throughout their career.

Flexible Delivery Options

Each semester students choose the delivery mode that fits best for them—online or on-campus—and receive the same high-quality instruction from world-renowned faculty and industry experts, full access to U-M resources and earn the same degree no matter which format they choose for their studies.

Immersive Experience

A key component of our curriculum is our Capstone Project, which gives students the opportunity to immerse themselves in uncommon experiential learning opportunities to solve real world problems, taking the knowledge learned throughout the program directly to a graduate-level project in cutting-edge research labs, top ranked companies, or non-profit organizations.

Competitive Career Pathways

Our curriculum is organized into career pathways making students highly competitive for the best jobs around the world. ISD students have access to a myriad of resources, including professional societies and clubs, alumni connections and career resources, to give them the tools they need to prepare them to enter the workforce and excel in their career.





employed within 3 months
of graduation




Our programs offer pre-eminent education in Integrative Systems and Design that is anchored in manufacturing, energy automotive engineering incorporating global, business, societal, cultural, environmental, and policy context. 

We are dedicated to educating leaders who can think transformatively and create lasting value in the workplace and society. We do this with a rigorous focus on innovation, agility, and purpose, in service of the common good.

Earn an advanced degree in one the following areas:


Automotive Engineering

Automobiles are one of the most complex and technology intensive products in the world. They are at the forefront of driving future changes with the advent and integration of electrification, self-driving systems, connectivity and the continuing advancement of human-centered design and safety strategies. Our program provides students with the opportunity to learn about the cutting edge of these technologies as well as how to integrate them into the vehicles society wants and needs using human-centered design techniques and systems engineering disciplines. With the skills and competencies gained in this program, graduates will be prepared to create the vehicles that will drive the world into the future.


Global Automotive +
Manufacturing Engineering

To lead the development of innovative new products, today’s engineers need a broad background in product engineering, manufacturing, supply chain management coupled with interpersonal technical leadership skills and the ability to work with and motivate engineers who are located all around the world. Many GAME students come into the program with a foundational knowledge in one or two specialty areas. Our program fills in the missing pieces and sharpens students’ skills so they can take on the technical leadership challenge of integrating product and process designs and implementing game-changing new products across global enterprises at automotive original equipment manufacturers and major suppliers.


Design Science

Design science is a unique, interdisciplinary graduate program that prepares driven students from a wide range of backgrounds to design the future. In this highly flexible program, students combine core courses on design theory and process with classes from across the University of Michigan to create a personalized degree. Our students have undergraduate degrees in engineering, psychology, industrial design, and business Our graduates go on to work in a wide range of fields, including industry, consulting, and academia. Design science is the path to applying modern, human-centered design approaches to complex problems.



Manufacturing is a foundational piece of a strong economy, providing employment opportunities in the industry and in related service industries. Now, more than ever, there is a critical need for leaders and engineers who are innovators in technology and have the broad knowledge and skills to streamline manufacturing processes and make informed and insightful decisions. Students learn how to improve the production quality and efficiency through smart manufacturing systems, advanced additive manufacturing technologies, acquiring breadth across disciplines, leading project teams, understanding the complete product development and manufacturing processes, including its enterprise business management.


Energy Systems Engineering

Energy systems engineering addresses the challenges facing society in the areas of sustainable energy generation, storage, and conversion. In this program, students learn about alternative and conventional energy technologies, the societal and environmental impact of technology developments, and the economic benefits of those developments. The graduates are well equipped for careers in science and engineering, consulting, investment and public policy.


Systems Engineering + Design

Systems engineering is the modern design process in industry and government that integrates the work of diverse specialists into complex products and services. Systems engineers touch everything from telescopes that orbit tens of thousands of miles above earth to the planes that fly every day. The program couples creative synthesis (design domain) and systems analysis (systems engineering domain) in a multidisciplinary approach that prepares students to lead and discover innovative solutions in complex engineered systems, blending design and engineering with human factors, organizational strategy, and lean thinking.

ISD Graduate Kathryn-DAlessandro

Kathryn D’Alessandro ’21

MEng, Systems Engineering + Design

“At ISD, I took a variety of classes to better understand how everything in a system connects to everything else and to users. I am applying those lessons in the real world, creating and connecting products people will see and use.”


  • Integrates research, education, and practice
  • Flexible, custom programs of study 
  • 100+ top-10 programs
  • World-renowned faculty and state-of-the-art facilities
  • 500K+ alumni networks
  • Holistic education serving the common good

Be a Leader and Best at developing innovations to create a better future.

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