ISD On-Campus Registration

On-campus Students: Registering for Classes

Steps for On-campus Registration

  1. Refer to your program’s Plan of Study and course descriptions and complete the necessary steps. You must have your Plan of Study approved before registering.
  2. Visit the Wolverine Access website.
  3. Log in using your uniqname and password.
  4. To create a schedule, refer to the Backpack and Schedule Builder sections of the Student Business Help Menu.
  5. First you will use the Backpack function to review official class offerings for a given term, and save the classes in which you are interested.
  6. Once your enrollment appointment occurs, you will go back into Wolverine Access and formally enroll.
  7. To view your class schedule, refer to the Class Schedule page in the Student Business Help Menu.

Important Tips

  • We recommend that if you are a new full-time student, you should enroll in no more than 9 credits and ensure that you focus on courses that meet your degree requirements.
    • Students who take 9-12 credits a semester towards degree requirements will complete a 30-credit master’s program in 12-18 months.
  • If you are taking courses at the Ross School of Business, please refer to this webpage.
  • If you are in the dual-degree Manufacturing + MBA program, please contact Kathy Bishar ( for registration directions.
  • As an on-campus student, you will use Wolverine Access to register for classes. To learn how to use Wolverine Access for registration, please refer to the Student Business Help Menu.
  • You will be issued an enrollment appointment, which indicates when you are able to officially register. Note this is not a physical appointment—registration is done entirely online.
  • You must be enrolled in at least one course before the first day of classes or you will be charged a late registration fee.
  • If you are a recently graduated U-M undergraduate, do not use your undergrad enrollment appointment time; you must wait for your new graduate enrollment appointment.
  • For important registration dates, including deadlines on making changes to your schedule, see the Office of the Registrar’s calendars.
  • It is possible to have classes on North Campus and Central Campus on the same day. Buses frequently run between the two campuses. Allot an hour of time between classes on North and Central Campuses.
  • A credit hour (semester hour) generally represents one hour of lecture per week for a term, or two for a half term. Preparation for each credit hour normally requires a minimum of three hours of study per week. Generally, one period of laboratory work is considered equal to one credit hour.

Waitlist, Override, and Audit Policies

  • Every department has different policies and procedures for class permissions.
  • If you wish to audit (visit) a class, you must receive instructor permission. We encourage you to keep audited courses to a minimum. Audited courses will not count towards your program requirements.
  • It is common for some classes to be full and to require you to register for the waitlist. Be certain to attend the first day of class in the event that a space opens for you. Spaces often do become available, but it is not guaranteed.
  • ISD students may not have priority for non-ISD classes. If you would like to take a non-ISD class that requires instructor or department permission, we encourage you to reach out to the department and politely ask for further instructions.
  • You may need to find and enroll in alternative classes while you are waiting to find out if you may take a restricted or waitlisted class.
  • You are not guaranteed an override.
  • More information on waitlist and override processes may be found here.

Important Deadlines

  • Backpacking (picking out classes and creating a tentative schedule)
    • Fall and Spring/Summer Terms
      • New students: May
      • Returning students: late March
    • Winter Term: mid-November
  • Enrollment (officially registering for classes)
    • Fall and Spring/Summer Terms
      • New students: early June
      • Returning students: late March/early April
    • Winter Term: late November
  • Add/drop deadlines (deadlines to make changes to your schedule)