Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions

What is ISD?

The mission of Integrative Systems + Design (ISD) is to study and promote leadership in the design and creation of innovative products and systems. As a unit with a global focus in the College of Engineering, we develop and deliver programs that integrate multiple disciplines and are responsive to the needs of engineers, managers, and other professionals. Our students take courses on the Ann Arbor campus, online, and at off-campus locations around the world.

How can I apply as a graduate student?

Prospective students may apply online at Students may apply as Degree-Seeking or Non-Candidate for Degree (NCFD) status.

What is NCFD status?

Non-Candidate for Degree (NCFD) status is where students can be introduced to online courses and transfer academic credits from U-M. Students are limited to two courses taken in the NCFD status and then must either be admitted into one of U-M’s degree programsor must send an acceptance letter from another university where they are pursuing their degree.

What does it mean to be a visitor in a class?

Visitor status is the official University term for taking a class for no grade and no credit. The course will be entered on the permanent record with a “VI” instead of a letter grade.

How can I request my U-M transcripts?  

Please see the following website,, for information about ordering your UM transcript.

Where do I submit my transcripts? 

All applicants are required to mail one set of official academic records/transcripts from all undergraduate and postgraduate institutions attended. 

Please mail official transcripts to:

Graduate Professional Programs, College of Engineering 
Office of Student Affairs
145B Chrysler Center
2121 Bonisteel Boulevard
Ann Arbor, MI  48109-2122

Courses and Registration

What is the tuition for ISD online graduate courses?

Current tuition is $1,525/credit hour (Michigan residents) and $1,671/credit hour (Non-Michigan residents).  Payment due dates can be found on the Office of the Registrar’s webpage at

Can I take distance learning courses if I am enrolled as an on-campus student?

Students cannot take distance learning courses in the same semester they are enrolled as an on-campus student.

How do I register for a distance learning graduate course?

Registration links for both on-campus and online courses are located under the “Current Course Offerings” menu item in the main site navigation.

How do I add a course?

Prior to the first day of the semester, students can add a course at the ISD website.  Beginning the first day of the semester distance learning students should contact

How do I disenroll from a course or change to audit status?

Notification must be emailed to with the following information:

  1. Student’s full name
  2. UMID number
  3. Course name and number

How do I obtain required textbook and software information?

You will receive this information in an email prior to the start of the term.

How do I access online library materials?

The U-M Library allows for remote access to journals and networked electronic resources at  Click “Off Campus Access” in the left hand column for more information.

How can I access my course grade report?

Grade reports can be viewed using Wolverine Access at  A UM uniqname and password are required.


How are exams administered for distance learning courses?

Distance learning exams may be administered online via Canvas or as a take-home exam without a monitor, or a paper-based version administered by a monitor.

Click here to learn more about exam monitors.


What is Canvas?

Canvas is an advanced web-based course and collaboration environment. Canvas helps instructors, researchers and students create and manage course websites, using a variety of tools and apps to meet their instructional needs. Students will have permanent access to their course materials/resources unless the student is removed from the participant list by the instructor or the instructor removes the courses.
To learn more about the features Canvas provides to supplement and enhance teaching and learning, please read the university’s info for students page. Also, you can access detailed student guides at Canvas’ student guide center.

How can I access course materials and lectures posted on Canvas?

Once your final registration request has been processed with the university, an email will be sent from Canvas directing you to their website. To access your course in Canvas, you will need to log in with your U-M uniqname and password.

Can I see a sample lecture?

Lectures are available in two media formats, Flash and QuickTime. To choose a media format, click on the “Formats” button at the bottom left of the presentation window. We recommend using the Flash version if you are attempting to view lectures form behind a corporate firewall.

View sample lecture

If you are unable to open the sample lecture of encounter other difficulties during viewing, please contact us.

How do I get technical support if I need it?

Please contact your GSI or course instructor in case of technical difficulty to see if they can offer initial help.

To ensure a quick response:

  • Submit your name and the name of the course
  • Describe the context of your problem (e.g. course lecture number)

For additional help, contact Nexus Support.

General Information

I forgot my uniqname and/or password.  Whom do I contact?

If you have forgotten your UM uniqname, contact us at 
If you have your uniqname and have forgotten your Kerberos (umich) password, go to

How do I contact Integrative Systems + Design Programs (ISD) staff?

Contact ISD staff with this form.

What are the U-M College of Engineering policies on academic integrity?

All students are responsible for adhering to the College of Engineering Honor Code.