Online Students

Online Students: How to Get Started

Incoming Online Student Checklist

Please review the links below to get started!

  1. Umich account and uniqname
  2. Plan of Study
  3. Online Students: Registering for Classes
  4. Review the remaining pages on the Student Resources site. This site can be a great tool throughout your time as an ISD student!

Creating Your Umich Account

You will create your account online through Wolverine Access using a uniqname and Kerberos password. All new incoming students must follow the links below for instructions on how to obtain a uniqname and password.

Use of Umich Account

All university correspondence will be sent to your email account. If you wish, you can have your email forwarded to any email account you choose. To learn about forwarding your email, please visit this page on the Information and Technology Services (ITS) website.

Online Students: Registering for Classes

Important Tips

  • As an online student, you will register through ISD’s online graduate course website, not on Wolverine Access.
  • If you are a recently graduated U-M undergraduate entering an online ISD graduate program, you should not use your undergrad enrollment appointment time and you should not register in Wolverine Access; you must wait for registration to open on ISD’s website.
  • You must be enrolled in at least one course before the first day of classes or you will be charged a late registration fee.
  • After you have registered, if you would like to make changes, you must contact your graduate coordinator. For important registration dates, see the Office of the Registrar’s calendars.
  • You must have a U-M identification number, or UMID, and your uniqname. Contact us if you don’t have your UMID. You should have received your UMID when you submitted your application for admission.
  • A high-speed connection to the internet outside of a corporate firewall is required for access to online course lectures.
  • Standard admission requirements for Master of Engineering students apply to all students registering to take online courses.
  • Priority enrollment: Priority enrollment classes are online courses with limited space. If a course in which you are interested is a priority enrollment course and it is not on your approved Plan of Study, you will not be able to register for the course and you will not see the course as an available option for you in the registration system.

Important Deadlines

  • Course listings available
    • Fall Term: late June/early July
    • Winter Term: mid-October
    • Spring/Summer Term: mid-March
  • Enrollment (officially registering for classes)
    • Fall Term: mid- to late July
    • Winter Term: early to mid-November
    • Spring/Summer Term: late March/early April
  • Add/drop deadlines (deadlines to make changes to your schedule)

Steps for Online Registration

  1. You will receive an email from ISD indicating when the online graduate courses are available for review. Read over the online graduate courses for the upcoming semester. Be sure to take note of any prerequisites and system requirements.
  2. Refer to your program’s Plan of Study and course descriptions and complete the necessary steps. You must have your Plan of Study approved before registering.
  1. Select the “Register Now” button, which can be found under each course listing. You will then be prompted to enter your uniqname and UMID.
  2. Complete and submit the registration form. Select the classes that have been approved on your Plan of Study.
  3. Upon submitting your registration, you will receive an automated confirmation email.
  4. Your registration will not be officially processed until closer to the beginning of the semester. At that time, you will receive another automated email verifying your official registration and will be granted access into Canvas. Please note you will receive a verification email for each class for which you have registered.

Online Students: Monitor Information

Information for Exam Monitors for Online Students

All Michigan Engineering students are placed upon their honor during all examinations, written quizzes, computer questions, homework, laboratory reports, and any other work turned in for credit, as required by the instructor. As an online student, you may take paper-based exams with a monitor, unless the exams are take-home or online via Canvas.

Technical Requirements Specifications

Michigan Engineering IT Recommendation for Personal Computer Requirements.

COVID 19 Update and Resources