Capstone Experience

A key component of the ISD curriculum is the Capstone Project, which gives students the opportunity to take the knowledge learned throughout the program directly to a project provided by organizations to solve real-world problems. For your Capstone Experience, you will propose a project in your field where you will demonstrate the potential for improvement over current state conditions whether in industry, the community, or on campus. Your proposal will be reviewed by your ISD graduate program director, and then you will be matched to a faculty adviser.

Throughout your experience, you will build a report and summary that will be delivered to the project sponsor and your faculty adviser at the end of the semester. Additionally, you will be asked to reflect on your experience through a series of discussion prompts, with your responses being shared within your class.

Your health, safety, and well-being are the highest priority when it comes to completing your 503 project. Following the Provost’s Office Guidance for Engaged Learning Activities, you will need to complete the Student Registration for Engaged Learning Activity form for any in-person 503 experience that takes place off campus and within the United States.

Please note that while the link provided above takes you to the form to be completed, you must first work together with the ISD Capstone Coordinator to initiate this process.

Questions? Contact the ISD 503 Capstone Coordinator Amy Hortop at
Sample projects from previous semesters can be found on the Capstone website.