College of Engineering Values

In pursuing our vision and mission during this turbulent time, members of the University of Michigan College of Engineering community will value:

Leadership and excellence

True to being “Leaders and Best,” we do not settle. We forge paths that inspire others, and push relentlessly for quality and preeminence in all we do.

Creativity, innovation and daring

“We’ve always done it this way” is never how we do it. We seek to improve the quality of life. Bold thinking and non-traditional action are among the tools we rely on to solve problems and create opportunities.

Diversity, equity and social impact

The best mix of talent achieves the greatest outcomes. People with different skills, backgrounds, identities and perspectives are necessary for us to realize our vision. Opportunities are created for all, and where barriers exist, we close the gaps. Every member of our community gets to be heard, should be involved and must be empowered to achieve to their full potential. We serve the common good.

Collegiality and collaboration

Camaraderie is a strength. When we disagree, we remain civil. We succeed in facing complex challenges by working together—across the lab, classroom or globe. Teamwork is fundamental to how we operate. We cannot fulfill our potential unless we are combining our strengths. Our individual abilities are joined to accomplish a united vision and mission.

Transparency and trustworthiness

A consistent respect for truth breeds good relationships. We depend on open and honest sharing of data, facts and individual perspectives. In difficult situations, where discretion is required or conversations are sensitive, we acknowledge the limits of what can be shared. Trust must be preserved.