Family Culture

Wolverine Culture of Care

To provide the best campus experience possible in the context of this historic threat to the health and well-being of all, we understand that consistently making careful and healthy choices to keep the entire community as safe as possible is a collective responsibility shared by students, faculty, staff and Ann Arbor residents.

As such, Wolverines are committed to caring for ourselves and to be respectful of our impact on the health of others, by carrying out the following:

Monitor, Self-Isolate & Participate:

Protect the community through vigilant self-monitoring for symptoms and self-isolate if/when symptoms do develop or you are in contact with an individual with symptoms. Avoid and/or minimize travel and the hosting of guests throughout the semester. Participate in testing, isolation/quarantine and contact tracing as suggested by health care providers and required by public health officials.

Cover, Distance & Observe Gathering Limits:

Wear face covering in public spaces, maintain 6 feet or more of personal distance and limit group gatherings as directed in accordance with prevailing public health directives and guidance.

Wash, Clean & Flu Vaccine:

Engage in enhanced health-positive practices, including regular hand washing, keeping personal and shared spaces clean and getting the flu vaccine when available.

Educate, Innovate & Spread Awareness:

Educate self and others on health-positive fact-based information, innovate to achieve community well-being and spread awareness of disparate impacts and realities of COVID-19 in marginalized and vulnerable communities.

Promote Holistic Well-Being:

Observe and integrate all dimensions of well-being important to a thriving community: Physical, emotional/mental, environmental, financial, occupational, social, intellectual and spiritual.