Modes of Course Delivery

This fall semester courses will be offered in highly-flexible modes throughout the University of Michigan, to accommodate everyone’s safety during the pandemic.  Below is a description of the modes of instruction.

  • P = In-Person: class section that is planning to meet in-person for the majority of the semester (until Thanksgiving break, November 20)
  • MC = Hybrid Due to COVID-19: class section that will have some in-person meetings and some remote activities throughout the semester
  • DC = Distance Due to COVID-19: class section that will be fully remote for the fall semester (but under normal circumstances would have been offered on campus)
  • D = Distance: class section that is under normal circumstances online

Using the UM Course Catalog, students may search any course on campus to identify the mode of instruction for the section in question. Students can view the mode of instruction for the courses sections for which they are currently registered through Class Detail in their student registration and backpack in Wolverine Access.

In addition, a list of select courses typically taken by ISD students, and their modes of instruction, is provided on our Fall 2020 Course Registration page. All ISD Courses on this page are on-campus and either hybrid or distance due to COVID-19 and available to on-campus students through Wolverine Access. Registration to the Distance course sections is through Nexus following the links on the page.

The University has given instructors a lot of latitude to choose how best to deliver their courses to ensure high quality and safety.

Students may review the Canvas site for each course, or contact the course instructor(s), for specific details about the course delivery, including how course examinations will be conducted.

Students who plan to attend an on-campus activity of a course may visit the Canvas site of the course, or contact the course instructor(s), for specifics on how in-person attendance will work for course lectures, discussions, labs, and office hours.