Safety and Health Protocols

Health Attestation

Students, as well as faculty and staff, will be expected to check themselves for COVID-19 symptoms each day by answering a small set of questions using our daily symptom checker tool which offers advice on where to seek care if you are not well. You need to complete the ResponsiBLUE health screening each day before entering a building.

ISD Check-in/Check-out

During check-in, visitors will go through the entry protocol and receive a sticker which will then allow them to access the conference rooms for their scheduled appointment. Visitors are welcome to walk-in and schedule an appointment within the open times depending on availability. To keep building density low, visitors will not be able to wait within the building and should only arrive at their allocated time and should leave as soon as their appointment is over. Please return to the front desk when your appointment is done to check out and help staff keep track of building density.

Mask Requirement

Face coverings are required on U-M’s campus including outside and inside facilities. As we implement significant steps to improve health and safety, we also need your help to protect all members of our community. Face coverings, such as disposable masks or cloth face coverings, must be worn by all individuals at all times in public areas. This includes lounges, study lounges, food courts, hallways, stairwells, office suites and elevators.

Social Distancing

Please maintain a six-foot distance from other people when possible. It is important to maintain social distancing practices in order to slow the spread to a level that health systems can handle.

Beyond the Call

In addition to the standard strict daily cleaning protocols that will be in effect throughout SI-North, with meeting rooms cleaned between each use, deep cleaning of spaces will occur overnight, especially addressing high-touch areas like door handles, flat surfaces, elevators, and handrails. In addition, ISD has provided air purifiers and installed plexiglass sneeze guards at our front desk location, as well as in the ISD common areas. Visitors to SI-North also have a role to play in limiting virus transmission through frequent hand washing, using hand sanitizer, wearing a face covering, and maintaining at least 6 feet distance from others. We ask that everyone wipes in and wipes out when they use the rooms as an extra measure.


For us to be successful in keeping everyone safe and healthy it is important that everyone complies with the safety and health protocols. We will be ensuring that all visitors comply through our entry process, as well as conducting regular spot checks. If someone is found to not be in compliance our notification process will be:

  • On-site request for compliance at check-in (i.e. PPE): individual’s name will be obtained and they will be denied entry if unwilling/unable to comply (masks will be available).
  • Spot-check request for compliance: individual’s name will be obtained and they will be asked to leave if unwilling/unable to comply.

Third party reporting of non-compliance: an email notification can be sent to regarding a non-compliance incident, which will be investigate Instances of non-compliance will be discussed with CoE HR and will be managed under the SPG 201.12 Discipline policy.