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Setting Ideas into Action Through an Immersive Capstone Project

A requirement for every ISD Master of Engineering (MEng) student, the graduate-level Capstone Project Course (ISD 503) is an excellent opportunity for students to gain real-world experience while applying what they have learned in their studies. Companies and entrepreneurs support our program by identifying open-ended engineering challenges or industry problems for our students to work on alongside professionals—generating ideas towards finding a solution to these problems.  

Working as an individual or a team, this one- or two-semester-long project (depending on scope) gives students the chance to apply what they have learned from their MEng program while companies benefit from graduate students contributing new ideas and knowledge to high priority engineering and technical issues.

Students may identify an industry project, a community-related project, a student-initiated research topic, or other ideas on the ISD Student Center Canvas page.

For more information on being an industry partner sponsor for ISD capstone projects, please visit our Partner with ISD page.