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Annual Awards

Integrative Systems + Design honors deserving ISD students, faculty, staff, and alumni through four annual awards:

  • ISD Departmental Faculty Award
  • ISD Staff Excellence Award
  • ISD Alumni Merit Award
  • Outstanding ISD Capstone Award

ISD Departmental Faculty Award

  • Purpose: Honors senior faculty who have consistently demonstrated outstanding achievements in the areas of scholarly research and/or creative endeavors, teaching and mentoring of students and junior faculty, service and related activities that have brought distinction to themselves and to U-M.
  • Eligibility: Instructional or research faculty with appointment in the nominating department and who have not previously received the award
  • Criteria: High impact accomplishment in some meritorious area benefiting the department and college
  • Award: One award of $2,000


  • 2023-24: Dr. Diann Brei, Professor, Mechanical Engineering
  • 2022-23 Art Hyde, Program Director, Automotive Engineering and Associate Director of Engineering Practice
  • 2021-22 Dr. Chi Okwudire, Professor of Mechanical Engineering
  • 2020-21 Amy Hortop, LEO Lecture IV, ISD
  • 2019-20 Dr. Robert Bordley, ISD Clinical Professor, Professor on Engineering 
  • Practice, Program Director, Systems Engineering + Design
  • 2018-19 Dr. Panos Paplambros, James B. Angell Distinguished University 
  • Professor of Engineering, Donald C. Graham Professor of Engineering, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering
  • 2017-18 Dr. Suljo Linic, Program Director, Energy Systems Engineering, and 
  • Professor of Chemical
  • 2016-17 Dr. Donald Malen, Lecturer
  • 2015-16 Dr. A. Harvey Bell, Professor of Practice
  • 2014-15 Dr. Patrick Hammet, Lecturer III
  • 2013-14 Dr. Donald Winter, Professor of Practice

ISD Staff Excellence Award

  • Purpose: To reward staff for exemplary dedication, overall performance, and special achievements
  • Eligibility: Current regular ISD staff members with at least one year of service with ISD who have not been a recipient of this award in the past four years
  • Who Can Nominate: Any current ISD faculty, instructor, staff member, or student
  • Nomination Categories: Customer Service, DEI, Teamwork, Performance and Quality, Initiative and Innovation, Leadership, and Professionalism
  • Process: ISD Chair and Unit Administrator decide to allow directors to be nominated
  • Award: One award of $1,000


  • 2023: Eric Anderson and Nick Looney
  • 2022 Shonda Adams, Admissions and Academic Programs Coordinator
  • 2021 Award Canceled 
  • 2020 Michelle Hornbacker, HR Generalist
  • 2019 Rachael Hamilton, Senior Administrative Assistant
  • 2018 Thomas Lemoine, Frontline Marketing and Communications 
  • Coordinator
  • 2017 Kirk Lawrence, Senior Television Engineer; and Gina Lipor, Marketing  Communications Specialist

ISD Leadership Award for DEI

  • Purpose: This annual award is presented to an ISD student or team of students who promote and embody the spirit and ideas of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)
  • Eligibility: Nominees must be ISD students at the time when they made the contributions to DEI and the focus of their effort may be either within or beyond the university
  • Attributes:
    • Commitment to DEI by participating in events, projects, efforts, or organizations that promote or celebrate mutual respect, acceptance, cooperation, or tolerance, and contribute to awareness of DEI in the ISD community, and assists in the fostering of these values through speaking, writing, and living by example
    • Passion to offer their talents, efforts and creativity to continuing a climate of welcome and change, and to create new dialogue and conversations that lead to understanding among people of diverse cultural backgrounds and the creation of a climate of care, acceptance, and welcome
    • That societal change is possible through persistent hard work and they realize that one person can make a lasting difference
  • Who May Nominate: Program Directors, Graduate Coordinators, faculty, staff, Alumni Leadership Board Members, students, self
  • Requirements: CV and one page statement addressing what nominee has done to address criteria


  • 2023: Nick Moses, Design Science
  • 2022 Grace Burleson, Design Science
  • 2021 Bonnie Jiang, Design Science
  • 2020 John Meluso, Design Science
  • 2019 Matthew Nelson, Design Science
  • 2018 Beth Ann  Less, Manufacturing
  • 2017 Aastik Chawla, GAME; Anand Ram, Global Automotive Manufacturing  Engineering; and Brittany Ann Szczepanik, Energy Systems Engineering

Outstanding ISD Capstone Award 

  • Purpose: This annual award is presented to the capstone design project that demonstrates outstanding impact, excellent contributions to practice, exemplary deployment of classroom material in an industrial application, excellent quality of the project work, and great potential value-added benefits for the sponsor award
  • Eligibility: All ISD Master of Engineering and Master of Science students completing their ISD Capstone Project/Practicum 
  • Who May Nominate: Program Directors, Graduate Coordinators, 503 faculty, industry sponsors, students who completed their 503 project (self nomination)
  • Requirements: CV and one page statement addressing what nominee has done to address criteria
  • Award: $500 per team member not to exceed a total of $2,000


  • 2023: Meredith Jonik, ESE; Justin Nowosielski, ESE; Alexander Montgomery, ESE; and Lucy Rosensteel, GAME
  • 2022 Jacob Doyle, Energy Systems Engineering; and Rony Joseph, Energy 
  • Systems Engineering
  • 2021 Hanadi Dora, Systems Engineering + Design, and Xhulja Biraku, 
  • Manufacturing
  • 2020 Jiacheng Liu, Manufacturing
  • 2019 Keith Cardillo, Manufacturing
  • 2018 Agarsha Murari Muthekannapiran, Global Automotive Manufacturing 
  • Engineering; Sanket Choudhart, Manufacturing; Dieon Roger, Dual Systems Engineering + Design and Global Automotive Manufacturing Engineering; and Ajit Shetty, Global Automotive Manufacturing Engineering
  • 2017 Kevin McDonald, Global Automotive Manufacturing Engineering