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When and How to Apply to ISD Programs

ISD conducts a holistic review of all applications on a rolling basis throughout the year and admits students for each term: Fall (August), Winter (January), and Spring/Summer (May). Submitting your application by the deadlines below will determine your eligibility for ISD scholarships and the timeline of admission decisions. Applicants will receive an admissions decision within 6-8 weeks of the posted deadline.

Students are encouraged to review and consider each deadline carefully to ensure they have adequate time to prepare a complete application: if an application is incomplete by the Extended Consideration deadline, the applicant must re-apply for a future term and pay that application fee. See the Master’s Degree Admissions webpage for details. International students are highly encouraged to apply for the Early Decision deadline, as it may require extra time to collect the necessary documentation for visa paperwork after admissions.

Design Science students must apply for and start the program in the fall term, with classes only available on campus. Domestic, U.S. Permanent Resident, and International students wishing to begin their ISD Program on-campus should apply for Fall or Winter. ISD has online course offerings in Spring/Summer, applicants who wish to consider this option should contact to learn more.

  • We have several application deadlines for each term.
  • Review and consider each deadline carefully to ensure you have adequate time to prepare and submit a complete application. 
  • All application submissions are final, unamendable, and application fees are non-refundable.

Deadline Overview for Each Applicant Type

Domestic And U.S. Permanent Resident On-Campus, Domestic Distance Learning, And International Distance Learning Applicants

International On-Campus Applicants

Doctoral Applicants

The deadline to apply for the DEng in Manufacturing program and the PhD in Design Science program is December 15.

General Motors Technical Education Program (GM TEP) Applicants

General Motors Technical Education program is only for approved and sponsored General Motors employees. Students in the GM TEP program have a different application process and deadlines can be found here: Deadlines and Instructions for GM TEP Applicants