Explore Your Passions With a Wide Variety of Course Options

ISD’s interdisciplinary, holistic approach allows us to offer high-quality courses that are taught by world-renowned faculty members from across the university and industry experts who bring a diverse range of practices and methodologies. Our Master of Engineering degrees can be completed fully online from almost anywhere in the world, or on-campus here in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Our Design Science degree is only available on-campus.

ISD Course Offerings

ISD courses are offered as a single “hybrid” course, with both an online section and an on-campus section.  This allows diverse global students to engage with each other in a fusion of skills and experiences in an interactive class environment.

While ISD students have the flexibility to elect each term to take all of their courses that term either online or on-campus, it is important to note that they cannot take a mix of both during the same term.

ISD course online sections are designated as 88X or 98X and only ISD students with an online degree program code for a term can enroll in these sections. You will need to contact your ISD graduate coordinator if you wish to change your mode of delivery for a term so that your program code can be changed. This allows the appropriate online tuition to be charged.

ISD students classified as online for a term are not allowed to register for any on-campus sections, which are usually designated 001 or 0XX, even if they are labeled as being offered “remote.” Remote sections are special courses for on-campus students only and require on-campus tuition to be paid. They are not applicable for ISD online students.

The course lists below include only ISD’s course offerings; please refer to the course curriculum pages for the full list of all U-M courses included in ISD’s curriculum

For more information on academic year dates, see the Office of the Registrar calendars.

How to Register for Courses

Information on how to register can be found in our Course Registration Instructions.  Please refer to the University’s Office of the Registrar calendar for registration time periods for continuing and newly admitted students.

For Sponsored Students, please submit your voucher directly to Kellie Pennock, .

Get Help with Registration

If you have questions about the registration process, please contact our Graduate Student Coordinators at