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Fall 2022 Curriculum and Beyond

In response to the uncertainty and volatility arising from the unprecedented evolution of the engineering field and its many industries, ISD collaborated with U-M’s world-renowned faculty and leading industry and government experts to revamp our curriculum.

Curriculum Features

Integrative Science

Become the integrator: Get a leg up on the competition through our integrative approach in signature courses, where you will address global challenges and produce high-value opportunities. And you will do all this while leveraging more than 100 top departments across the University of Michigan, opening up resources from across campus for you. 

Program Core

Expand your knowledge to new depths: Gain a deeper understanding and firm foundation in your field of study through a solid and rigorous program core with many additional course selections available and a flexible supporting infrastructure.

Career Pathways

Become the authority: Choose among exciting career pathways with a curated course list strategically crafted by leading industry and government experts.

Immersive Practice

Cap it off right: Put your experience and education to work in a real-world environment by taking part in a culminating project