Who We Are

Welcome to Integrative Systems + Design at the University of Michigan’s College of Engineering. 

We offer master’s and doctoral degrees through six premier graduate programs: Automotive Engineering, Design Science, Energy Systems Engineering, Global Automotive and Manufacturing Engineering, and Systems Engineering + Design. Our Master of Engineering degrees can be completed fully online from almost anywhere in the world, or on-campus here in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Our Design Science degree is only available on-campus.

There may not be a single academic organization in the world quite like ISD. 

No one dares to offer more ways to be integrative, more ways to lead, more ways to be creative, more ways to innovate, more ways to be transformative, more ways to offer translational research, and more ways to connect. 

Our Mission

We empower Systems and Design leaders through our integrative mindset, methodologies, and actions to serve the common good.


Our Vision

We shape the discipline of Systems + Design through four distinctive areas:


We spearhead transcending research by systematically integrating disparate disciplines and contextual factors to support the full development life-cycle of systems, products and services that deliver lasting value.   

About our Research


We deliver a pre-eminent agile educational portfolio which emphasizes integrative systems and design, and its application to emerging areas within fields such as manufacturing, energy, and automotive systems that are transforming the very way we live.

About Academics


We fuse our learnings through meaningful experiences that strengthen our holistic practice and position our community to address complex global challenges and produce high value opportunities.  

About the ISD Experience


We foster a robust and diverse community of scholarly faculty, dedicated staff, talented students and engaged partners who catalyze the advancement of the ISD discipline and its positive impact on our world.

About the ISD Community