Systems Engineering + Design

ISD's Systems Engineering + Design Master's Program is at the Forefront of Technologies That Move the World

Systems Engineering + Design seeks to recognize, understand and improve the systems upon which our society is built. The discipline encompasses everything from civil engineering and transportation to space exploration, knowing that issues facing modern populations rarely fit neatly into a single branch of learning. By grasping this concept, you will learn how to integrate learnings from multiple disciplines in order to efficiently deliver effective solutions.

This degree can be completed fully online from almost anywhere in the world, or on-campus here in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Why the ISD Systems Engineering + Design Program?

Students will develop a broad systems engineering perspective as well as learn tools and techniques for system architecting, requirements development and management, system verification and validation, and delivery of complex systems.

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Design the Systems That Make Up Our World

The education earned through an SED course of study prepares systems engineers to truly impact the world in which they live. SED Students enjoy an accelerated learning curve that focuses on an iterative development of models and prototypes to better ensure that project outcomes fit the intended purposes.

At ISD, I took a variety of classes to better understand how everything in a system connects to everything else and to users. I am applying those lessons in the real world, creating and connecting products people will see and use.


Kathryn D’Alessandro ’21

MEng, Systems Engineering + Design

Systems Engineering + Design GRaduate Jesus Loza, Marshall Earnest, Kurt Vonehr, and Benny Jeong talk about their time in ISD and how it has prepared them for future careers.

Master’s Degree and Other Program Options

Master’s of Engineering in Systems Engineering + Design

With an emphasis on recent advances in engineering fundamentals and practice, this degree prepares students to be innovators who can address global problems in this technologically dynamic and compelling field.

Master’s of Engineering Admissions

Sequential Undergraduate / Graduate Study (SUGS)

Undergraduate students at the College of Engineering in Ann Arbor have the opportunity to speed their progress towards an ISD Master of Engineering degree through the Sequential Undergraduate/Graduate Study (SUGS) program.

About Sequential Undergraduate / Graduate Study (SUGS)

U-M-SJTU Accelerated Master’s Degree Program (AMDP)

Students who receive an undergraduate BSE degree from the U-M – Shanghai Jiao Tong University’s Joint Institute (U-M SJTU) can also pursue an Integrative Systems + Design Engineering Master’s degree at U-M through the U-M-SJTU Accelerated Master’s Degree Program (AMDP).

About U-M-SJTU Accelerated Master’s Degree Program (AMDP)

Intersecting Industry Needs Through INCOSE Certification​

The Integrative Systems + Design Division offers the opportunity for students to achieve INCOSE certification. This academic equivalency allows U-M graduate engineering students to bypass taking the certification exam to become certified system engineers, a major benefit.

Learn More About INCOSE Certification

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Integrative Curriculum ​

In response to the uncertainty and volatility arising from the unprecedented evolution of the engineering field and its many industries, ISD collaborated with U-M’s world-renowned faculty and leading industry and government experts to revamp our curriculum.

View the Systems Engineering + Design Curriculum

Program Leadership

Bob Bordley

Robert Bordley

Program Director, Systems Engineering + Design

Graduate Coordinator


Matt Hancock

Graduate Coordinator, Systems Engineering + Design

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