Transformative Approach

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A Powerful Mindset

Think of your brain as integrative in hyperspace, where about 86 billion nerve cells or neurons communicate with each other by sending chemical and electrical signals.  

Together, these neurons integrate with other neurons to link different things together, like faces with names.

In its simplest form, integrative is the power to connect things.

Creative Solutions

Integrative thinking requires seeing problems from multiple viewpoints, taking them all into consideration, and searching for creative solutions through a multidisciplinary and transformative approach.

Integrative thinking requires shifting the focus to the vulnerabilities and capacities of single systems or sectors to interconnected systems and how these will shift over time, taking into account the multidirectional interactions of projected changes, responses, and effects.

Transforming Our World

At University of Michigan, Integrative Systems + Design empowers leaders to transform our world in rapidly evolving industries, such as automotive, manufacturing, and energy systems. Embedded in our premier research, education and practice, we apply an integrative mindset to complex systems + design across disciplines. 

The result is positively transformative!