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Dash of Success

ISD Automotive Engineering MEng student Roshan Kumar Dash enjoys applying the theoretical knowledge he’s learned at ISD to real-world scenarios. His internship allows him to bridge the gap between academic concepts and practical implementation, enhancing his understanding and problem-solving abilities. 
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Natural Leader

He Loves Cars, Traveling, People, and U-M. Meet ISD GSAC’s Driven New President Anirudh Krishnamoorthy. Many children play with toy cars. Not Anirudh Krishnamoorthy (pronounced Ani-rood Krish-na-moor-thy). Krishnamoorthy, a new ISD Automotive Engineering student, recalls opening, tinkering, and analyzing his toy cars to see how

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Research Stories

Redefining Meeting Outcomes

Potentially Revolutionary ISD Capstone Project Creates Objectives and Assessments to Quantify If Your Meetings Succeed or Fail On average, you may spend nearly 23 hours a week in meetings, according to the Harvard Business Review (“Stop the Meeting Madness”).  How will you know if your

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Research Stories

Reimagining Engineering

Lauren Wojciechowski, an ISD Design Science doctoral candidate, is on a mission to reimagine and reshape what engineering can be to help people.

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Research Stories

Safety for All

If ISD Doctoral Candidate Bhavana Komaraju Has Her Way, Drivers of All Shapes and Sizes Will Ride in Safer Vehicles.

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