Congratulations CoE 2024 Staff Incentive Award Winners Alicia Markey and Minna Kotzabassi!

The College of Engineering recognized Alicia Markey (pictured), who is the ISD Recruitment and Engagement Coordinator, and Minna Kotzabassi, who is the ISD Data and Information Specialist, with the 2024 Staff Incentive Award. The award is given to those who consistently demonstrate the College’s vision, mission, and values with a monetary award.

According to her nomination: “As the driving force behind our student recruitment, Alicia is the welcoming voice and face of ISD for every prospective student, relying on her wealth of institutional knowledge to answer questions and provide information in an extremely positive and helpful manner. She also continues her efforts throughout the student lifecycle spectrum by implementing informative and community-building experiences to engage our current students throughout the year. Ever-willing to chip in and lend a hand, she brings her cheerful approach to many aspects of ISD by contributing ideas, networking to find solutions, working collaboratively through challenges, and assisting with events and activities. Her dedication to doing her best for students and ISD as a whole is greatly appreciated by all and deserving of recognition.”

According to her nomination, “While Minna’s role as ISD’s Data & Information Specialist means her efforts tend to be quietly behind the scenes, they are critical to ISD being able to have timely, accurate, and in-depth knowledge for decision-making. She consistently demonstrates her dedication to ensuring the highest quality in her work, which includes a strong customer-service orientation and going above and beyond to ensure satisfaction. Her professional, open-minded, and positive approach with clients, collaborators, and peers allows for optimum solutions to be developed, as does her continuous learning and extensive networking ties. Through these and other daily efforts, she continues to truly exemplify the best of CoE values and is well-deserving of this recognition.”

Congratulations Alicia and Minna!