Congratulations 2024 ISD Departmental Faculty Award Winner Dr. Diann Brei 

Integrated Systems + Design is proud to announce Dr. Diann Brei, an unwavering pillar of the academic community, is the recipient of the 2024 ISD Departmental Faculty Award. 

This award recognizes her significant contributions in “revolutionizing the design science discipline and pioneering novel concepts at the University of Michigan,” according to her nomination. 

In particular, she showcased her commitment to enhancing the learning experience for students within the Analytical Product Design – DESCI 501/ME455, by a novel and modern design science curriculum. Dr. Brei has emphasized noteworthy work that revitalizes and futuristically transforms the design science scope. Her innovations are acutely observed in enhancing the learning experience for her students.

Under her leadership, the highly ranked new ISD curriculum has elevated the standards of education. ISD is ever grateful for her relentless efforts, commitment and passion. Her previous roles as ISD Chair (2018-2023) and Program Director of the Design Science Program have also witnessed significant overhaul of teaching practices.

A testament to her impact, one ISD alumnus said, “Not everyone took the same classes or has the same history. Integration is the bridge that joins large teams. Integration in an organization means bringing people together. The value integration and ISD brings to society is the ability to translate between multiple different disciplines.”

Dr. Brei’s work is, by all means, a beacon to others in the field of education. Her relentless dedication to teaching and students’ progress serves as an inspiration for everyone within the university.

“Congratulations for being our role model,” said Dr. Miki Banu, Faculty Director, ISD, OVPR Collegiate Research Professor Department of Mechanical Engineering.

As a celebration of this achievement, the award will be accorded at the prestigious 2024 Faculty Honors Dinner Dance. Please join ISD in congratulating Dr. Brei for this well-deserved accolade, not just a recognition of her profound contributions to ISD, but also a symbol of gratitude for her relentless dedication in shaping future contributors to society.