• Master of Engineering in Systems Engineering + Design

Linking Creative Synthesis and Systems Analysis 
with a Multidisciplinary Perspective


The Systems Engineering + Design (SE+D) program provides engineers with in-depth knowledge and technical capabilities in the analysis, design, and operation of complex, large scale engineered systems. Faculty and professors of practice incorporate the latest research, advanced concepts, and knowledge from real-world engineering practice into a multidisciplinary program that closes the gap between the fields of design and systems engineering.

The degree is available both on campus and online. New online classes are being added every semester.


Multidisciplinary Perspective



The SE+D degree couples creative synthesis (design domain) and systems analysis (systems engineering domain) with a multidisciplinary perspective that better prepares students to lead and discover innovative solutions for complex engineered systems.


Emphasizing The Human Element

Human Element


The SE+D experience emphasizes the importance of being able to pose and answer complex questions, deal with uncertainty, and integrate the social and human aspects in modern engineered systems.




The SE+D program of study includes a substantive interdisciplinary internship sponsored by a company at their location. Our students gain specialized knowledge and training through real-world, hands-on experience while under the guidance of a professor.


Program Goals and Objectives

  • Develop a broad systems engineering perspective that includes system architecting, specification development and management, system verification and validation, and delivery of complex systems
  • Gain knowledge and capabilities in the analysis, design and operation of complex engineered systems
  • Leverage and augment their core engineering discipline expertise
  • Receive practical experience in team building, project management in interdisciplinary teams, and in developing and managing projects