ISD 527 (MFG 527) Designing in Quality: A Design for Six Sigma

ISD 527 (MFG 527) Course Description

As organizations improve their operational quality, they recognize the need to apply more systematic analytical techniques to design quality into their products and services. The Design for Six Sigma Movement has been driven by the evolution of Six Sigma methods that have influenced the design process, the development of design tools, and the need for continuous improvement in new product development. This is a project course that provides students with an industrially-relevant team project experience in manufacturing.

Topics covered in this course include methods and analysis tools for preventing quality and warranty concerns. This course focuses on the Design for Six Sigma Quality methodology: IDDOV (Identify/Define, Design New System, Optimize, Validate). Using the IDDOV framework, this course examines tools and methods for identifying customer requirements, evaluating design concepts, and optimizing processes to meet quality objectives.

Number of Credits: 3


Minitab 16 Software or equivalent (Minitab 13 or beyond) will be used. QETools Software Templates provided to students at no cost.

If web conferencing is used, a microphone and speakers or headset are required for voice communication via computer in web conferences.

System Requirements

Michigan Engineering IT Recommendation for Personal Computer Requirements.

Course Availability

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