MECHENG 589 (ISD 599) Sustainable Design of Technology Systems

Course Description

The purpose of MECHENG 589 is to teach students how to evaluate and communicate sustainable designs, specifically by providing them with an introduction to tools and models that quantitatively link economic decisions with environmental impact. Students will evaluate existing technologies for sustainability and suggest design improvements that can make them more sustainable.  This class is specifically designed with input from online students.


The course is designed to be undergrad-friendly. CEE 265 is recommended but not required (only a few students in the class will likely have taken CEE 265).

CEE 265 Sustainable Engineering Principles
Sustainable engineering principles include calculations of environmental emissions and resource consumption. Mass and energy balance calculations in context of pollution generation and prevention, resource recovery, and life-cycle assessment. Economic aspects of sustainable engineering decision-making. Social impacts of technology system design decisions including ethical frameworks, government legislation, and health risks.

System Requirements

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