MFG 564 (EECS 569) Production Systems Engineering

Course Description

Production Systems Engineering (PSE) is an emerging branch of engineering science that investigates fundamental properties that govern production systems and utilizes them for analysis, design and continuous improvement. Using actual case studies of real-world problems and successful, implemented solutions, this course teaches students to design novel, efficient production systems, understand reasons for lost productivity and design continuous improvement projects, and use Measurement-Based Management techniques for operating production systems in Just Right regimes.

The course studies production systems in large volume manufacturing—for example, automotive, semiconductor and computer manufacturing. Topics include quantitative methods for analysis of production systems; analytical methods for design of lean in-process and finished goods buffering; measurement-based methods for identification and elimination of production system bottlenecks; and system-theoretic properties of production lines.


Fundamental understanding of automotive vehicle systems is not required but is helpful.

Other Requirements: Skill in using MS Office, and access to and very basic working knowledge of UGS Teamcenter Engineering, VisMock or other digital buck tools through either CAEN or another source.

If web conferencing is used, a microphone and speakers or headset are required for voice communication via computer in web conferences.