Exam Monitors

Information About Exam Monitors for Online ISD Students

Some online courses require monitored exams.  Acceptable monitors regulate and submit completed exams to Integrative Systems + Design (ISD) Monitor Administrator.  Academic integrity, conduct policies and the Engineering Honor Code must be followed during monitored exams.

Chosen monitors receive the exam with detailed administering instructions typically between 3 – 5 pm the day before the scheduled exam some allowances do apply.

If your monitor has not received the exam by 4 pm the day prior to the scheduled exam, please email isd-exammonitoring@umich.edu.

Note: Monitors do not receive any notification prior to the exam. Monitor verification is done using an internal process.

Online Exams

Many instructors successfully use the Test Center in Canvas to post online quizzes and exams. Online exams are especially helpful for Online students. Canvas provides instructions in the Test Center section, under the Help tab. Online exams do not need off-campus monitors. Review the course syllabi for exam dates. Request for alternate exam dates must be approved by the course instructor.

Paper-Based Exams

Instructors need to send an electronic copy of the exam at least 2 days before the on-campus exam date or no later than 3:00 pm the day before the exam to the Monitor Liaison. Monitors are screened and given specific instructions for the administration of the exams within 24 hours before the exam. Exams are emailed to the designated course monitors who prints them and gives the exam to students on the assigned day. Instructors need to provide exam instructions, exam time allotment, and materials that students are allowed to have with them during the exam (e.g.: notes, calculators, etc.). Monitors will scan students’ completed exams and email them back per the exam instructions.

Exam Monitors

It is the Online students’ responsibility to find a monitor for their exams. The Monitor Liaison provides monitors with a list of processes, explicit instructions on the handling of exams, and their responsibilities as a monitor. Online students are given a link to the College of Engineering’s Honor Code at the beginning of the semester and are required to sign the Honor Code statement on exams just as On-Campus students do. Violations of the College of Engineering Honor Code will be submitted to the Honor Council.

If for any reason you need to change Monitors, you must submit a new Monitor Request Online Form.

IF YOU CHANGE MONITORS THE DAY BEFORE OR THE DAY OF THE EXAM, please email isd-exammonitoring@umich.edu


Students must submit the Online Monitor Form by the date specified in the Canvas course site.

Online Monitor Form

If the course main menu does not list the Monitor Process link, an exam monitor is not required. It’s best to complete the Monitor Request Online Form on the first day after the third week of class.

All Michigan Engineering students are placed upon their honor during all examinations, written quizzes, computer questions, homework, laboratory reports, and any other work turned in for credit, as required by the instructor.  Online students often take paper-based exams with a monitor, unless the exams are take-home or online.

Students are required to secure a monitor to supervise course exams to ensure the identity of the test taker and to adhear to university guildlines. 

For your convenience, we have outlined conditions of acceptable and unacceptable monitors.

Acceptable Monitors

  • A work supervisor, HR Representative, or training coordinator
  • College or university instructors
  • Librarians
  • School teachers, administrators, counselors
  • Educational service officers on military installations
  • American school officials at overseas facilities

Unacceptable Monitors

  • Co-workers or business associates
  • Fellow students
  • Peers
  • Relatives
  • Friends

Selecting Monitor Process

Students must select an acceptable Monitor and complete the Monitor Request Online Form after week 3 or by the deadline noted in the course Monitor information in Canvas.  

Monitors receive the exam with detailed instructions typically by 3 pm the day before the scheduled exam some allowances do apply. If your monitor has not received the exam by 5 pm the day prior to the scheduled exam, please email isd-exammonitoring@umich.edu.

Note: Monitors do not receive any notifications from ISD prior to the exam.  Monitor verification is done using an internal process.

When will my Monitor receive my exam? 

Exams are sent after the course instructor has released the exam for distribution.  YOUR MONITOR SHOULD RECEIVE THE EXAM NO LATER THAN 5:00 PM EASTERN TIME THE DAY BEFORE THE SCHEDULED EXAM. Students will receive an email via Canvas when the exam has been sent.

Where should I submit my Monitor order?

Please complete this online form.

All monitor changes require an online form.

If you have any issues with the form, please contact isd-exammonitoring@umich.edu

When will I know if I need a Monitor for my course? 

The Monitor Process instructions will appear in the left navigation of the course Canvas site.

Do I need to resubmit my monitor information if I’ve already used a monitor in a previous term?

Yes, you must re-submit your monitor information each term for each enrolled course. 

Do online students take the exam on a different day than the on-campus students?

Typically, distance learning students take the exam on the same day as on-campus students unless otherwise stated by the professor.

This is my first time taking on online course.  What is the process for the exam? 

  • The professor gives the exam to the Monitor Administrator typically before 3 pm the day before the scheduled exam but it varies.
  • The exam is sent to all monitors typically by 3pm the day before the scheduled exam.
  • Monitors administer the exam on the assigned exam date.
  • Monitors scan and e-mail the exam to isd-exammonitoring@umich.edu or send it express mail per the monitor instructions.
  • The Monitor Administrator receives, reviews and returns completed exams to the professor for grading.
  • Students’ should never receive an electronic version of any exam unless it’s authorized by the instructor.

I have a work/personal conflict for one of the exams.  Can I take the exam on another day? 

Yes, you can take the exam on a different date if allowed. The date must be approved by the course professor. Please be sure to CC: exammonitoring@umich.edu regarding an alternative date.  *Please note, exams taken within two days after the scheduled exams are allowed and do not require approval unless specified differently by the instructorIf more than two days are needed after a scheduled exam or before a scheduled exam, approval by the instructor is required. Some restrictions apply.

Disability Support Services and Extended Time For Students

Students requiring additional time for exams with disabilities can visit the University of Michigan Student Life Services for Students with Disabilites for assistance.  Typically, students are allowed an additional time-and-a-half for exams.

Disability Support Services/Extended Time for a Student