Financial Aid

The University has a long-standing commitment to make higher education more accessible to individual students. Various types of funding are available in the form of loans; work-study; scholarships, grants, and fellowships; and alternative payment options.

Office of Financial Aid

We encourage you to refer to the Office of Financial Aid (OFA) website for additional information on graduate financial aid and funding. Please also see their page on estimated costs of attendance.

Tips to Make Your Financial Aid Application Process Run Smoothly
  1. Apply for aid early, read everything the OFA sends to you, and respond quickly to any requests for additional documents. To be considered for all financial aid programs for which you are eligible, apply by the priority application deadline.
  2. Maintain a file of your financial aid materials.
  3. Keep your current (local) and permanent addresses up-to-date in Wolverine Access. Also be aware that we will send important notices to your U-M email account (current U-M students only).
  4. Keep track of your submitted documents and your financial aid disbursements using Wolverine Access (current U-M students only).

If you have questions, send an email, call, or visit the OFA to talk with a financial aid counselor.

NOTE: Short-term and certificate only programs do not qualify for federal financial aid. Federal financial aid only applies to degree-granting programs.

NOTE TO INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: Federal regulations and university policy severely limit the types of financial assistance available to non-U.S. citizens. University admissions policy requires that international students (those with F-1, F-2, J-1, J-2, or G series visas) have enough resources to meet their expenses throughout their stay at the university. Students with these visas are not eligible for federal financial aid. More information may be found on the Office of Financial Aid webpage for international students.

Sources of Funding

College of Engineering Scholarships and Fellowships

The College of Engineering has identified a list of scholarships and fellowships as being relevant for Engineering graduate students.

College of Engineering Scholarships and Fellowships Page For Masters Students

College of Engineering Scholarships and Fellowships page for PhD Students


Graders are hired by ISD to assist faculty with scoring objective and subjective examinations and papers at the graduate level. Additional responsibilities can include but are not limited to: computing and recording examination scores and doing research in course development. Graders are hired as temporary hourly employees.

Notifications of any grader position openings are sent to ISD students as they become available.

ISD Merit Scholarship (IMS)

The IMS is open to newly admitted master’s students in an ISD graduate degree program who have a record of excellent academic achievement (e.g., grade point average, honors) and meet additional criteria. IMS is provided in one 12 month period in a total amount of US$10,000 for in-state or online students and US$20,000 for on campus out of state students in the form of tuition reduction and/or stipend. The award is disbursed over two terms minimum.

For information, please send a message to our admissions team.

Private Scholarships

Many private scholarships for college students are offered each year by a variety of corporate, professional, trade, government, civic, religious, social, and fraternal organizations. These scholarships can range in amount from small honorariums to thousands of dollars. To be considered, students must meet the eligibility criteria specified by the donor and complete the donor’s scholarship application.

U-M Funding and Applying for Private Scholarships Page

Federal Direct PLUS Loan for Graduate Students (Grad PLUS)

Recent legislation now allows graduate students to borrow through the Federal Direct PLUS program. The Grad PLUS program is a non-need-based federal loan with a fixed interest rate. Graduate students can borrow up to the full cost of attendance minus any other financial aid they are receiving.

U-M Graduate Student PLUS Loan Page

Federal Direct Stafford Loans

The University of Michigan participates in the Federal Direct Stafford Loan program. Federal loans are funds borrowed from the federal government. The funds must be repaid, with interest, after you are no longer a student. To qualify for the loan, you must be enrolled at least part-time in a degree or certificate program.

Federal Student Aid Stafford Loans Page

CEW Scholarships

CEW assists students to complete their education, make career decisions, develop professionally, and balance school with other family and life responsibilities. In addition, CEW offers scholarships for returning women students at the University of Michigan and emergency grants for U-M graduate students.

CEW Scholarships Page

The UM coordinates a number of financial options for Veteran and Military Families.  Visit this page as a good starting place for exploring those.

Also See: ISD Student employment opportunities

U-M Library Research Guides: Funding for Students

Find scholarships, fellowships, and research grants to fund your U-M education (undergradate and graduate students).

Graduate Funding at U-M

Other student opportunities on campus include: 

Student Employment Office
On-campus Employment for F-1/J-1 Students