Design Science Graduate Degree Programs

ISD Design Science degree graduates are leaders and best in developing solutions to address global challenges that design a better world

In the modern world, few design problems are simple. Some are complex. Many highly complex. Simple solutions may be attractive and cost effective, but often don’t work. The field of Design Science addresses these problems, integrating the disciplines of engineering, design, psychology, and others to produce a coherent and systematic approach to real-world problem solving.

Why the ISD Design Science Programs?

Our master’s graduates develop expertise on the design of complex services, products, and systems at a range of organizations, including large manufacturers, financial services companies, tech startups, and non-profits 

Our graduates create novel design techniques and methods through rigorous scientific investigation to excel in academia, industry, and government research labs, or consulting roles.

Our program leverages a multitude of top-ten departments across schools and colleges at the University of Michigan, in areas that include engineering, business, medicine, information, social sciences, and the arts.

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New Integrative Curriculum

In response to the uncertainty and volatility arising from the unprecedented evolution of the engineering field and its many industries, ISD collaborated with U-M’s world-renowned faculty and leading industry and government experts to revamp our curriculum.

Multiple Degree Options Available

The Master of Science in Design Science is the program for students who want to expand their career paths by meeting the growing need for the interdisciplinary design of complex products, devices, and systems. The program provides each student flexibility in exploring across multiple disciplines to learn in-depth rigorous design methods and theory that drive the design process. 

The Design Science PhD program leverages our novel integrative culture to produce unique leaders in design research, practice, and teaching.

Intersecting Industry Needs Through INCOSE Certification

The Integrative Systems + Design Division offers the opportunity for students to achieve INCOSE certification. This academic equivalency allows U-M graduate engineering students to bypass taking the certification exam to become certified system engineers, a major benefit.


“What we design matters. There are many people working toward broader visions of design than what it has historically been like. I want to be able to keep learning so I can contribute in this particular way.”

Ilka Rodriguez-Calero 

ISD Doctoral Student, Design Science

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