Systems Engineering + Design Program Details

Design, operate, analyze, and manage complex systems in a rapidly transforming world.

Systems engineering is the modern design process in government and industry that integrates the work of diverse specialists into complex products and processes. Systems engineering touches everything: from telescopes that orbit tens of thousands of miles above earth to the cars that we drive every day. Systems engineers and their work have a major impact on the modern world.

In times of great change and major advancements in the way we work, think and travel, systems engineering has never been more important or more challenging.

The Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) in Systems Engineering + Design (SE+D) program was built upon the resources of the top-ranked University of Michigan’s College of Engineering and was developed in collaboration with an interdisciplinary team of distinguished practitioners, faculty, and industry leaders.

Adapting to rapid change has never been more vital, and this degree program accelerates the learning curve for engineers in design and systems fields with an emphasis on the following areas:

  • Human-Centered Engineering
  • Lean Systems Engineering
  • Risk Management

Available on campus or online, the program offers students the flexibility and individualization to make the degree their own and equip them for a career in systems engineering. Once students graduate from the program, they will be prepared for the exam leading to certification as an Associate Systems Engineering Professional.

This degree enhances careers in requirements management, systems integration, systems architecting, systems engineering management, technical project management, risk management, and related specialties. Skills and knowledge learned can be applied in fields such as aerospace, biomedical, defense, ground transportation, healthcare, infrastructure, software development, and more.

Graduates of the program have gone on to careers leading multidisciplinary engineering teams at major global organizations.