Sequential Undergraduate / Graduate Study (SUGS)

Why SUGS with ISD?

Undergraduates at the University of Michigan’s College of Engineering, can save time and money, and accelerate the start of a career. By double-counting and transferring courses, it is possible to finish an ISD Master of Engineering degree in a year, acquiring the skills needed to land the perfect job. Our SUGS option allows you to take that perfect job offer and continue your degree fully online, so you don’t have to choose between the job or your education. 

Students do this by:

  • Creating a personalized and dynamic plan of study
  • Gaining depth in an industry specialization and breadth across engineering disciplines
  • Focusing on systems thinking and applied learning
  • Finishing the program with a hands-on project on-site at a company
  • Choose to pursue their SUGS option on-campus or online


  • Enrolled as an undergraduate student in an eligible department within the U-M College of Engineering
  • Hold a 3.2 cumulative GPA
  • Have relevant work, research, or internship experience; participation in the Multidisciplinary Design Program, Solar Car, or other similar projects is acceptable
  • Completed 80 credits before applying
  • Dual-degree students are not eligible

Eligible ISD Degrees and the Departments that Hold a SUGS Agreement with ISD:

  • Automotive Engineering- MECHENG, MATSCIE
  • Energy Systems Engineering – MECHENG, CHE, MATSCIE
  • Global Automotive + Manufacturing Engineering – MECHENG, MATSCIE
  • Systems Engineering + Design – MECHENG, MATSCIE

Application & Enrollment Timeline

How SUGS Works

  • SUGS allows students to apply credits taken as an undergraduate to an ISD master’s degree, which means saving time and money.
  • Up to 15 TOTAL credits from undergraduate study can be applied towards a ISD degree, provided the following requirements are met:
  • Total credits must reach at least 149 when both degrees are completed (ISD degrees are 30 credits).
  • Any applied credits must come from courses in which a grade of B or higher was received.
  • Any applied credits must come from courses taken in the junior or senior year.
  • Only two 400-level courses can be applied towards an ISD master’s degree, with the exception of Automotive Engineering, which may allow up to four 400-level classes.

How Applying Credits Works

  • Credits are applied by either being double-counted (i.e. both undergraduate and graduate credit for the same credits are counted) or transferred (i.e. credits taken as an undergrad are transferred in that do not apply to undergrad degree).
  • No more than 15 TOTAL credits from undergraduate study can be applied to master’s degree.
  • Any double-counted or transfer credits must be approved by an undergraduate advisor and IS+D graduate coordinator.
  • Double-counted credit:
    • Up to 9 of the 15 credits can be double-counted.
    • Credits from required undergraduate classes cannot be double-counted; only credits from courses that meet technical or general elective requirements are eligible.
  • Transfer credits from undergrad coursework:
    • Only credits that are not applied to undergrad degree are eligible.
  • Transfer credits from graduate courses taken outside of U-M:
    • Up to 6 of the 15 credits may be transferred from non-U-M courses.
    • Only credits that did not count towards a degree are eligible.
  • A minimum of two terms of graduate enrollment in Graduate Engineering only is required.