Alumni Profile: Mufaddal Bharmal

Our discipline is Integrative Systems + Design. What does that mean to you?

The field of ISD to me means being able to design and develop a part or a component that you’re working on which will flawlessly or easily blend with the whole system or integrate with the whole system.

Why is the field of ISD so important?

The field of ISD is very important today because we are revolutionizing technology. So, for example, in the automotive industry itself, we are moving toward autonomous connected electric vehicles. So earlier we used to work on mechanical, electrical a little bit and that was pretty much now it’s going to the field of internet and so on. So we have a lot of different systems now coming in and merging together and they have to work together. So it’s very important. The value proposition of ISD is the greater society on a larger scale is helping to educate students, which are going to be the future leaders in system design and integrated system design, which is getting more prevalent in today’s world. They will help shape the next generation of automotive, and industrial transportation industries to come.

Why did you choose to pursue a degree in ISD?

I wanted to specialize in a particular field and area as well as get the overall breadth of experiences from the educational program we have at ISD. So I chose to pursue an ISD degree because it helped me specialize. I’ll concentrate in a particular area, but as well as get knowledge and experience and the broader depth of things.

How has your ISD degree helped you in your career?

As an engineering leader, my ISD degree helps me help my associates to break down issues in a more systematic way and from a more systems perspective. Although we will probably work on one particular component, the change chain of things that are going around and this really helps me to be able to facilitate that idea and for them to go about the problems they face during their work days.

Why would you recommend ISD to prospective students or professional partners?

I would highly recommend ISD to prospective students because it allows them the flexibility to choose the area of concentration while deep diving into a particular depth of the topic. I would highly recommend ISD to prospective corporate partners because the quality of education provided to students is industry-leading and is applicable to the daily work we do within the industry.

What are the best qualities of an ISD graduate?

The best qualities of an ISD graduate is in-depth, theoretical knowledge in a particular field, as well as practical experience through either the capstone project or the projects that go on during the classes.

Anything Else?

People have a great opportunity to take advantage of the different programs and opportunities available at the University of Michigan, where ISD collaborates with different areas. So, for example, you take classes from mechanical robotics and so on. There’s no other school in this country which offers that.