Natural Leader

He Loves Cars, Traveling, People, and U-M. Meet ISD GSAC’s Driven New President Anirudh Krishnamoorthy.

Many children play with toy cars.

Not Anirudh Krishnamoorthy (pronounced Ani-rood Krish-na-moor-thy).

Krishnamoorthy, a new ISD Automotive Engineering student, recalls opening, tinkering, and analyzing his toy cars to see how they worked as early as age 5 while growing up in Chennai, India.

“I loved playing with all of the mechanical things,” he said.  

A natural born engineer and leader, Krishnamoorthy poured his intense curiosity, intelligence, and love of cars and engineering to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering with distinction in June 2023 from the SRM Institute of Science and Technology in Chennai, India. His undergraduate coursework included internal combustion engines, fuel cell technology, mechanical engineering design, TQM, and fluid dynamics. Skills he learned are AutoCAD, Solidworks, ANSYS (Workbench, CFD), MATLAB, LS-Dyna, CARSIM, Mastercam, Microsoft Office, and coding (C/C++, Python). He earned A1 and A2 level certifications in German language and attended workshops on the future trends of automotive engineering, fundamentals of electric vehicles, industrial automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning algorithms on electric vehicles, and battery management.

ISD Is the Ideal Place to Be

Krishnamoorthy decided to begin a graduate degree this fall in ISD Automotive Engineering at the University of Michigan to gain more experience, enhance his professional, leadership and communication skills, and continue to advance his career.

At ISD, he is learning about integrated vehicle system design, fundamentals of vehicle dynamics, vehicle crashworthiness, occupant protection, and advanced energy solutions. This coursework builds on his previous professional assembling experiences in the manufacturing of drum and disc brakes, alternators, starter motors, wiper motors, compressor motors, vacuum pumps, as well as the analysis on hybrid electric vehicles.

“I love cars and love working with cars so why not earn an advanced degree in one of the world’s top automotive programs located in the world’s automotive hub?” he said. “It is a great advantage. I have a lot of exposure to top-notch faculty and I am gaining real experiences, information, and knowledge that will benefit me for the rest of my career.”

Krishnamoorthy enjoys ISD’s flexibility in being able to customize his Automotive Engineering academic program and research to further his professional and personal interests and preferences. 

“Here, you customize your program to choose what you want to be about,” he said. 

Leading GSAC

Earlier this fall, Krishnamoorthy was named president of the ISD Graduate Student Advisory Committee. The group provides input and feedback to the ISD administration, program directors, and staff from the students perspective. His role is to listen to the needs and suggestions of fellow ISD students to plan, organize, and host professional and fun student events and activities that strengthen the involvement of students and enrich their professional, academic, social, and leadership skills.

“We represent students and act as a source of information,” he said. “We plan events to benefit them. For me as president, I’m learning new skills, improving my communication, organization and leadership skills, and building my professional network.”

His GSAC goals are to provide a welcoming environment for students, focusing on hosting courses, workshops, networking events, speakers, and social events. In November, GSAC hosted Festival of Lights: Diwali, India’s biggest and most important holiday of the year. 

“It is a symbol of hope, celebrating light and positivity,” he said. 

Chasing His Dream

Things most people do not know about Krishnamoorthy include he likes to go with the flow, enjoys yoga, traveling and meeting new people, and has an insatiable need to learn everything he can. His life motto is actions speak louder than words. 

“I want to be known as a great human being who helps other people, loves working with people, and inspires others,” he said. “That is my dream and what I am chasing.”