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Guiding Light

ISD Graduate Student Coordinator James Tobias gleefully guides graduate students and gives back to his community as a youth wrestling coach

Stronger Together: AI-Based Dynamic Teaming for Enhanced Adaptability

ISD Systems Engineering and Design students use Artificial Intelligence (AI) in designing algorithms for dynamic teaming of autonomous vehicles in adversarial environments. Yanchao (Vera) Tan, …

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Entrepreneur Engineer

Megan Martis applies knowledge from ISD to sew up profits for her earth- and body-friendly CLOVO startup company

Engineering Empathy

Ilka Rodriguez-Calero is investigating how designers and engineers work, specifically how they use prototypes during early design phases to gather feedback, communicate, and collaborate with stakeholders.

The X Factor

ISD communications leader adapts to the unexpected in his career and in life as a father of a son with Fragile X Syndrome, who teaches him about love, sacrifice, patience and appreciating the little things in life, like going for a walk, riding escalators, and opening and closing grocer freezer doors.

Building a Smarter World

Dr. Judy Jin, Program Director of Manufacturing Engineering in Integrative Systems + Design (ISD) said, “The smart manufacturing transformation requires us to combine manufacturing and business innovations together. Our Manufacturing Program aims to meet this industry need by training technical experts and leaders who will master broad and solid knowledge of manufacturing technologies as well as have a system-view and managerial skill for making smart decisions.”

The Smart Path

Dr. Chinedum Okwudire, Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering, and Associate Professor, Integrative Systems + Design, College of Engineering, worked closely with a team of U-M faculty to create the Smart Additive Manufacturing master’s pathway to explore and connect topics more deeply.

Dr. Bordley earns 2021 IEOM Distinguished Educator Award

Industrial Engineering and Operations Management (IEOM) Society International recognized ISD’s Dr. Robert Bordley with the Distinguished Educator Award in recognition and appreciation of outstanding achievements and contributions in the industrial engineering and operations management profession.

ISD Welcomes Six Faculty and Staff Members

Integrative Systems + Design is excited to welcome six faculty and staff members.

Thank you, Dr. Okwudire and Dr. Reed

ISD thanks Dr. Okwudire and Dr. Reed for making a true U-M difference for our ISD family along our journey to creating our best future.